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SPL DynaMaxx RPM - Rack Pack
[SPL-DMXXRPM-RP] SPL's set & forget compressor, updated for the RackPack
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SPL Dynamaxx RPM

Compressor/limiter/noise gate

  • Set & forget

    The DynaMaxx compressor/limiter/noise gate offers disarmingly ease of use with signal-dependent automation of time constants. It also premiers unique de-compression features to regain vitality e. g. from over-compressed audio files.


    "The SPL DynaMaxx succeeds pretty clearly in both performance and price categories." TOOLS 4 Music (GER), Review of DBX 1066, Drawmer DL-241, LA Audio GCX-20, SPL DynaMaxx.

    The DynaMaxx is ideally suited when unobtrusive, musical compression results and reliable set & forget operation are most important. SPL's unique Double VCA Drive technology employs two excellent VCAs in a differential mode for maximum transparency, dynamics, and lowest distortion values.
    I/Os: both XLR connectors and 1/4 inch TRS stereo jacks for balanced operation.


    User comment

    from Patrick Sanders, Midimix Recording Studio, Belgium:
    "I'm totally satisfied with the SPL DynaMaxx. In my opinion, this unit captures the essence of pure "set and forget" equipment. It is so easy to use (compress ratio and gain make-up ... Hello? Where are the 35 other parameter knobs?) and always sounds great, very musical and perfectly natural.
    When I started buying hardware for the studio, I reckoned that I'd better play it safe and go for the old traditionals (dbx, TC Electronics). Luckily the guys of Music Store (Cologne/Germany) pointed out that this compressor is a "must have", considering the price, its ease of use and its sound quality. Now I find myself always returning to and depending on it. Need some punch and you don't have half an hour to waste searching for the ideal attack/release times? Just shove it through this machine, it always does the trick. Whether it's vocal tracks, drums, (bass) guitars, pianos or Hammonds I'm recording – I just wish I had more Dynamaxx compressors. Congrats SPL, great stuff!"


    In Detail

    Though auto attack and release functions are nothing new, in the DynaMaxx design, the time constants are automated in a very musical way. DynaMaxx adaptively optimizes all time constants in real time during processing so that the compression characteristics are continually matched to the source material. This ensures both very musical and truly set & forget operation.


    THAT 2181 VCAs

    The DynaMaxx employs THAT 2181 VCAs, and the circuit actually uses two of these excellent VCAs, which increases transparency and dynamics while reducing noise and distortion.
    A great benefit of the DynaMaxx' double VCA drive circuits is that high compression ratios do not affect high frequency details. High amplitude, low-end bass can be controlled without introducing pumping or other negative side effects. Similarly, complex stereo sources can be processed easily and very musically. The DynaMaxx has numerous applications in recording and mixing as well as in sound reinforcement, and because of the level of intelligent processing within the unit, there are only two rotary controls to adjust per channel.

    Chris Marr
    Programmer and producer

    Producer of the DrumXchanger sample library

    Chris Marr produces sound libraries and his credits include Simon Phillips (Toto), Robert Palmer, Hartmut Pfannmueller (Skorpions/José Carreras), Kenny Aronoff (Melissa Etheridge), Dennis Chambers (Santana), Marco Minneman, Kenny Cartman, Yamaha, SPL, Clavia DMI, Steinberg, and Porsche.

    Chris also is the man behind the DrumXchanger sample library from SPL.

    SPL gear: Transpressor DynaMaxx, GoldMike, Transient Designer 4, RackPack, Frontliner, MTC, MixDream, Channel One.

    Tim Humpe
    Guitarist, producer, recording & mixing engineer

    "I am an enthusiastic Qure fan from the very first moment I heard it."

    " During further productions more and more SPL units placed themselves in the center of our interest, especially the GoldMike preamps for drum recordings and the Channel One for vocals, bass and guitar.

    Nearly all SPL units are used permanently now ... here our "classics":
    QURE for guitars, bass, drum overheads
    TRANSIENT DESIGNER 4 for drums and guitars
    TUBE VITALIZER for acoustic guitars, loops or to refresh samples
    DE-ESSER no comment :-)
    KULTUBE for guitars, loops, drum samples

    SPL units are disarmingly simple to operate. They really improve the sound and can give a creative input. All instruments get what they need. Now, we are also touring with Channel One and DynaMaxx compressors."

    SPL units used by H-BLOCKX and the Principal Studios:

    Qure, Transient Designer 4 and 2, Tube Vitalizer, Channel One, GoldMike, DynaMaxx, SPL De-Esser, Charisma, Loudness Maximizer, Kultube.

    Howard Heckers, Soundproductions B.V.B.A.
    Roger Hodgson, the legendary co-founder of Supertramp, performs live with SPL

    "The Frontliner is AWESOME!"

    Howard Heckers

    Howard on the Frontliner: "The De-Esser is brilliant, and I can't tell you how much I like the tube saturation control: dial it in and the vocal comes toward you, it seems that it is not coming out of the PA. On the compressor - I almost have no words for it, smooth, nice and always does the job more than any other compressor I've heard!
    Also the EQ is very natural and friendly for Roger's vocals. Roger especially love's the Air Band.
    We all are very happy with our new toy! The Track One is now spare in the rack and I use it on Aaron's vocals (which also is a big improvement).
    I have attached some photos from Brussels where we have spend a few hours playing with our new toys."


    Kultube (stereo sum)
    Frontliner (vocals)
    Track One (vocals)
    2 x Transient Designer 4 (drums)
    2 x Dynamaxx (sax and bass guitars)

    "I rarely get excited by a company or their products – let alone philosophy. But I have to say again how special, unique and I believe visionary SPL is. Such great and different products!"

    Klaus Schulze

    Klaus Schulze works with Vitalizer MK2, DynaMaxx and Transient Designer 4.


    Martin von Kageneck

    "SPL units simplify mixing in a very pleasant way, and the results are remarkable."

    Credits include R.E.M., Garbage, Deep Purple, Alan Parsons Project, Javier Vargas ... in use: DynaMaxx, Transient Designer 4 and OptimizerEQ.

    "SPL units simplify mixing in a very pleasant way, and the results are remarkable. I am a SPL fan since many years, these guys have proven again and again to be closer to the needs of sound engineers. Moreover they launch encouraged concepts with their units. I hope that SPL keeps on developing such units for a long time."

    Paul Grau
    In 1983 Paul Grau founded the Heartbeat Studio in Cologne/Germany.

    Paul's four reasons to use SPL gear: versatility, reliability, capability to solve of difficult problems, because Hermann is a nice guy.

    As manager and producer of German band RAUSCH Paul worked out an exposed position in Germany's music scene, producing acts such as Fury In The Slaughterhouse, Abstürzende Brieftauben, Shifty Sheriffs.

    In 2001 he moved to Spain and established the Gismo7 Studio in Motril. Nice website ... nice location (sigh).

    SPL units: Qure, Vitalizer MK2-T, Kultube, Transient Designer 4, SPL De-Esser and DynaMaxx


    Peter Brandt
    Peter Brandt Remote Recording GmbH

    Established in international live recording since more than 25 years.

    Peter Brandt engineered many recordings of international stars in all musical genres from rock and pop to jazz and classic orchestras.

    Recorded by Peter Brandt:
    The Rolling Stones, Queen, Sting, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul and Pavarotti.

    Peter Brandt also produced the TV sound for numerous TV-Shows, such as the MTV Campus Invasion, the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 or the Amadeus Award 2008.

    Recently he also engineered surround mixes for the DVDs of i. e. Jon Lord, PUR, Roger Cicero or Mario Barth.

    For „Some Skunk Funk“ from the Brecker Brothers he was awarded with a Grammy® in 2007.

    SPL units: Atmos®, Transient Designer, Kultubeund, Dynamaxx.

    Rob King

    "Thank you for some really great products!"

    "Hi guys, I just wanted to say that I really love all my SPL products. You guys are truly inventive and really create amazing recording products. I have been a user for years now and own KULTUBE, CHARISMA, DYNAMAXX, DE-ESSER and a VITALIZER MK2. Here is a picture of my 'SPL rig'. Thank you for some really great products!"

    Rob is also member of Red Delicious. Jack Joseph Puig mixed selected tracks and Chris Vrenna (Tweaker, NIN, Remixer) co-produced. "I lent Chris my Kultube and he had it for two months! He recently used it on the mix bus for the new Tweaker CD."

    Ronald Prent
    Resident Engineer Galaxy Studios, Belgium

    SPL units: GainStation1, Qure, Passeq, Vitalizer MK2-T, Tube Vitalizer, DynaMaxx, Transient Designer, PQ Mastering EQ Surround Set.

    Our special thanks go to Ronald for his valuable collaboration in developing the MMC1 console. Before Darcy Proper was engaged as resident mastering engineer in the Galaxy, Ronald was also involved in planning the mastering suite, where the MMC1 operates in the centre of the mastering environment fulfilling the tasks of speaker management, source connectivity, audio metering, track assignment, master and monitor level setting and automated insert routing of external processors. A surround set of three PQ 2050 adds a decent parametric filter package.

    Thomas Cap Gier

    Musician and Producer

    "There's no console in my studio anymore ..."

    "... I use the Goldmike MK2 preamps instead, together with Transient Designer, DynaMaxx, SPL De-Esser and Charisma. They are all stripped together like a big channel strip and directly routed to my DAW – sounds amazing!
    And the Transient Designer is an extremely efficient live tool - especially to get a tight cajon or bass drum sound in seconds.”

    Thomas "Cap" Gier studied double bass at the Cologne University of Music and is a demanded musician. He also works as a producer for various band, TV and avantgarde projects.

    SPL hardare: Charisma 8, Transient Designer 4, Goldmike MK2, MTC, SPL De-Esser, DynaMaxx, and a Vitalizer MK2

    SPL plug-ins:
    TwinTube, EQ Ranger Vol 1.0, Transient Designer

    Alex Theisen

    "SPL accompanies me since I started my professional career in audio engineering."

    Alex Theisen,

    "My first SPL product was the legendary SX-2. Today more than half of my outboard racks are filled with SPL products. Their quality, innovative features and not at least the outstanding support made SPL to be my first choice."

    SPL equipment: Channel One, DynaMaxx, Charisma 2, Transient Designer 2, Stereo Vitalizer (predecessor of the Vitalizer MK2) and Optimizer (predecessor of the QureEQ).





    Sets the amount of compression, where the degree of gain reduction is continually monitored via the LED meters.
    This is similar to the "make-up" gain control used on conventional compressors and is provided to restore signal levels that have been reduced by the compressor action. This control also compensates for any gain increase in De-Compression mode. The control has a range of 20dB.
    Soft Limit
    Switches between Compression mode and Soft Limit mode for a very gentle soft-knee-characteristic with minimized audible side effects.
    Effect Compression
    In this mode, the Release time is set to a fixed 60ms to produce a 'vintage compression' effect that works very well on solo instruments and occasionally voices.
    Converts the compressor to an upward expander that allows to de-compress highly compressed audio signals, such as samples, keyboards sounds or previously recorded tracks that have been overcompressed. Each parameter function is inverted in De-Compression mode.
    Stereo Couple
    The Stereo Couple function ensures that both channels produce the same degree of gain change, maintaining a coherent and stable stereo image.
    Noise Gate
    Each channel incorporates a Noise Gate with ARC (Auto-Release-Circuitry). The Close-LED indicates when the Noise Gate shuts.
    Both channels of the DynaMaxx are equipped with a 20-digit LED ladder meter displaying gain changes to a resolution of 1dB. The displayed values range from -10dB to +9dB. Each channel also has an additional Signal LED which illuminates when the input signal is hotter than -40dB.
    Side Chain
    If it is required to patch in external processing, both left and right channels have Side Chain inputs. If an acceptable sidechain signal is being received, a LED on the front illuminates.


  • Inputs & Outputs
    • • Instrumentation amplifier, electronically balanced (differential), transformerless
    • • Nominal input level +6dB
    • • Input impedance =22kOhm
    • • Output impedance < 600Ohm
    • • Max. input level +24dBu
    • • Max. output level +22,4dBu
    • • Minimum load 600Ohm
    • • Relay Hard-Bypass/Power Fail Safety


    • • Frequency response 20Hz - 100kHz (100kHz = -3dB)
    • • CCMR - 80dBu @ 1kHz
    • • THD&N 0,002% @ 1kHz
    • • S/N CCIR 468-3 -89dBu
    • • S/N A-weighted -105dBu


    Power Supply
    • • Torroidal transformer 15 VA
    • • Fuse 315mA
    • • Ground-Lift switch
    • • Voltage selector


    • • Housing Standard EIA 19"/1U, 482 x 44 x 237mm
    • • Weight 3,4 kg




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