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SPL Rack Pack 8
[SPL-RP8] The modular rack system from SPL
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SPL RackPack 8

The modular rack system from SPL

  • The new SPL RackPack modular system allows for free configuration of an analog rack fully loaded with proven and new SPL processors. Whether eight-channel preamp, effects rack or an individual channel strip, the RackPack system meets all demands in studio or live applications.

    Except for the Preference Mic Pre, all modules can optionally be equipped with I/O transformers from Lundahl.

    The following modules are available:

    1. Preference Mic Pre – reliable, transparent microphone preamplifier
    2. Premium Mic Pre – hi-end microphone preamplifier
    3. Transient Designer – the original Transient Designer as RackPack module
    4. Full Ranger – graphic EQ with passive coil filters for the whole frequency spectrum
    5. Bass Ranger – graphic EQ with passive coil filters for the bass range
    6. Vox Ranger – graphic EQ with passive coil filters for the vocal range
    7. TwinTube – combined saturation and presence tube effects
    8. DynaMaxx – SPL's set & forget compressor, updated for the RackPack
    9. Dual-Band De-Esser – Removes sibilants with unique phase cancellation technology

    Preference Mic-Pre

    Balanced instrumentation amplifier design, transparent and low noise operation, extremely reliable. Check the manual for details.

    Premium Mic-Pre

    High quality triple stage design with Lundahl input transformers and discrete high voltage transistors. Check the manual for details

    Transient Designer

    Check stand alone product or the manual for details. New feature for the RackPack module: Output level control.

    DynaMaxx module

    The simplicity of the dual-channel standalone DynaMaxx version also characterizes the new RackPack module: with just two controls, Compression and Make Up Gain, the DynaMaxx surprises with its disarmingly simple user interface. Our developer Vincenzo Triolo got a hard job to transfer the original circuits to the extremely compact module format, but he succeeded extremely well – controversies about the better version are still going on here.

    EQ Modules

    Modular EQ modules are nothing new, but with the Ranger EQ modules we followed an entirely musical approach: center frequencies, amplitudes and bandwidths are not chosen from a technical view, but optimized for certain instruments.

    The Full Ranger module is the necessary exception in this concept: with ISO frequencies to process the whole frequency range, the Full Ranger can be used as as a versatile addition to the specialized versions.

    Musical optimization makes sense soundwise and allows to configure highly specialized EQ systems without having to decide for a final status – there is always the option to upgrade an existing package with another EQ module.

    Read the manuals for detailed product information

    TwinTube Module

    The TwinTube (click image for enlarged view) module is a tube effects processor to apply typical tube sound effects to any signal. Tube saturation can be regulated to add subtle to heavy tube distortions for more punch and rougher sounds. The Harmonics control enhances the presence of a signal and allows for example to move signals up front in a mix. In general, the top end can be sweetened with the nice touch of tube harmonics. Both effects can be used separately or simultaneously. Main studio and live applications are in single track processing.

    Dual-Band De-Esser-Modul

    Back in the 1990's, we developed an alternative way to process signals in order to reduce sibilance based on phase cancellation. Unlike traditional compression methods, this procedure is much more unobtrusive and simplifies control to one single parameter. SPL‘s De-Esser quickly became a standard reference among recording studios, broadcast stations and live sound engineers.

    The Dual-Band De-Esser module expands on this concept by making use of two frequency bands that can be used independently or jointly.

    • Two de-esser stages increase processing effectiveness without introducing any audible artifacts
    • Focused processing with high and low bands
    • Input signals are automatically adjusted so that processing is uniform, regardless of the distance between source and microphone
    • Male/Female modes that adapt processing in the lower band to male or female voices

    Read the manual for detailed product information.


    Manual RackPack 4 Frame

    Manual Transient Designer

    Manual Preference Mic Pre

    Manual Premium Mic Pre

    Manual Bass Ranger

    Manual Vox Ranger

    Manual Full Ranger

    Manual DynaMaxx

    Manual TwinTube

    Manual Dual-Band De-Esser



    SPL Users


    Joshua Blair,


    "I used the SPL Premium Mic Pre on eight different singers who came into the studio one after the other and they were going from ‘whisper quiet’ one moment to belting their brains out the next, and it just did the job. It didn’t complain. I didn’t have to think about it, I just set it up and let it go.”

    Read the complete Interview with Joshua Blair.


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