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SPL Track One
[SPL-Tr1] compact frame for up to four RackPack modules
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SPL Track One

  • The new model 2960 brought a facelift to one of our best-selling products. Now the new SPL design represents the common origin of our channel strips Frontliner, Channel One and Track One.
    However, technically we did not change anything to continue with tried and tested quality.

    The Track One is a complete mono channel strip with a very attractive price/performance ratio. It is a perfect tool for the fast and safe recording of voices and instruments and especially popular in the German broadcasting industry.
    The Track One meets highest demands in sound quality and reliability and covers an unlimited application range from studio over live to post production applications.

    The Track One is a channel strip that excels primarily in two aspects: it is disarmingly easy to use and offers outstanding sound qualities. This concept is ideally suited for all kinds of vocal and instrument recordings in studio, broadcast or live applications.

    The controls are reduced to the necessary basics to ensure highest user-friendliness. Therefore, working with the Track One can be dramatically time-saving which is most important especially in live situations.

    Its excellent sound quality qualifies the Track One as a highly recommended alternative to built-in console preamps and processing tools. All the modules are immediately at hand for fast interactions. Recording a voice and providing clarity, detail and intelligibility is a question of seconds.

    The microphone input can optionally be equipped with a transformer input stage. These transformers already amplify the microphone signals by factor 5 – the preamps are relieved by this factor at any gain setting. The balanced output can also be equipped with optional transformers.

    The compressor can be linked with a second Track One compressor for coherent stereo operation of two units.

    A central display shows metering for output level and gain reduction and all other status LEDs.

    Another option is a digital output via a 24bit/96kHz A/D converter card.

    A special feature of the printed circuitry layout is the central star ground wiring scheme: Disturbing influences that could affect the ground paths are minimized in that the audio-ground is separated from the ground of the remaining equipment. This leads, in the truest sense of the word ”clean”, to considerably improved tonal quality.

    The scatter free toroidal transformer supplies the equipment with the necessary voltages and forms the basis for a clean electrical supply to all parts of the circuitry.



    SPL Users

    DJ StevenMac and DJ ILLTEC

    "SPL the absolute Number One“

    The producer-team “My-Well-Beats“ coming from Cologne is principal responsibly for the sound design as well as for the Recording of various rap productions !

    In addition, they pursue on Europes biggest Internetradio “RauteMusik.FM“ various radioshows.

    Beside “Kool Savas, Laas Unltd. , David Asphalt, Architekt“ and a lot of other German rap-Artists “My-Well-Beats“ also co-operated with international artists for example “Goldenchyl“ from the United States .

    „Normally we use a Gold Mike Mk2 if we´re recording. We have searched something for our radioshow and our choice was the Track One because it disposes of the legendary SPL De-Esser , among the rest . In the everyday use we like especially that you can switch the complete EQ section with one button on and off .You can adapt so fast and simply in the professional radio-buisness .Beside the high quality, the long life span of the devices and for the good service is SPL the absolute Number One if it goes around professional Recording Equipment.“

    Roger Hodgson
    The legendary co-founder of Supertramp

    Roger records and performs live with SPL gear

    "I rarely get excited by a company or their products – let alone philosophy. But I have to say again how special, unique and I believe visionary SPL is. Such great and different products!"

    Roger on the Analog Code® plug-ins:

    "I LOVE the plug-ins. It was very exciting putting my guitar through MAINSTAGE – which is a part of LOGIC and have the sound transformed by the Tube and EQ. I can’t wait for the Dynamaxx to complete the chain. For the guitars it’s the high end – I don’t know how you do it – harmonics Howard says – but it’s such a beautiful crystalline way to bring through high end. Gave me goosebumps."

    Roger in an e-mail after his visit at SPL:

    "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting you at your offices and meeting your team. It was just ten hours too short. I could have gone on all day – and night. I am so very grateful for all the help and generosity you have given me and Howard on this last tour."

    Roger tried new development projects at open heart

    Rogers live engineer is Howard Heckers, read more about his SPL experience.

    SPL units in Roger's live setup:


    Seeed from Berlin play reggae in all its variations from roots to dub and dancehall. Always on tour with at least eleven band members, each of their shows is an outstanding performance.

    SPL gear: Kultube, Vitalizer MK2-T, Transient Designer 4 and Transient Designer 2, Qure, six Channel One and two Track One.

    Our special thanks go to Seeed's incredible live mixer Olsen Involtini.


  • • Preamp stages optimized for all microphone types and instruments

    • SPL‘s De-Esser

    • Compressor/limiter stage

    • 3-band EQ stage

    • Output stage with metering

    • Balanced XLR and 1/4 inch TRS connectors

    • Options: A/D converter and Lundahl input transformer

  • Specifications


    Microphone input

    • Frequency response: 10 Hz-200 kHz (200 kHz = -3 dB)

    • Common mode rejection: 1 kHz: -80 dB / 10 kHz: -68 dB (at -20 dBu)

    THD & N
    • Amplification A-weighted
    20 dB -97,5dBu
    40 dB -91,0dBu
    65 dB -69,6 dBu

    • Dynamic response: 115 dB

    • Frequency response: 10 Hz-180 kHz (180 kHz = -3 dB)

    THD & N
    • Amplification A-weighted
    7 dB -98,4 dBu
    20 dB -95,8 dBu
    42 dB -77,2 dBu

    • Input impedance Line: 12 kOhm / Instr.: 1 MOhm
    • Max. input level Line: +28 dBu / Instr.: +12 dBu
    • Dynamic response: 115 dB

    • Max. output level XLR/jack: +20 dBu
    • Output impedance: 50 Ohm

    Power supply
    • Toroidal transformer: 15 VA
    • Fuses: 315 mA (230 V/50 Hz)
    • 630 mA (115 V/60 Hz)

    • Stand.-EIA-19 inch/1U housing: 482 x 44 x 210 mm
    • Weight: 3.1 kg



    Wiring diagram






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