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SPL Channel One
[SPL-CH1] Grabador de voz, instrumentos y fuentes de audio analógicas y digitales.
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SPL Channel One

Voice, instrument, and analog or digital audio sources recorder

  • The new model 2950 brought a facelift to one of our best-selling products. Now the new SPL design represents the common origin of our channel strips Frontliner, Channel One and Track One.
    However, technically we did not change anything to continue the success of the Channel One with tried and tested quality.

    The Channel One comes with all tools onboard for recording voices, instruments and digital or analog audio sources with the highest sound quality:


    • • Transistor/tube preamplifier
    • • SPL's De-Esser
    • • Compressor/limiter with noise gate
    • • EQ section
    • • Headphone monitor
    • • Options: 24/96 A/D converter, Lundahl I/O transformers

    Each stage contributes to the concept as the ideal recording frontend for world-class sounds the easy way: intelligent automation ensures both intuitive and fast as well as musical operation for the finest recording results.

    Sound On Sound (UK), Paul White

    "Until you've tried something that works this well, the words 'smooth' and 'detailed' won't have nearly as much meaning as after playing with the Channel One. If you're wondering where that elusive 'produced' vocal sound is hiding, look no further – it's in here!"


    SPL Users


    Achim Lanzendorf
    FOH freelancer, Germany

    " SPL units do what they should. And you do it fast!"

    "My favorite is the Transient Designer 4. No compressor can substitute this effect, which even allows to outwit some shortcomings of some musicians. I use it permanently with kick drums, snares and bass guitars."

    Achim Lanzendorf also uses Channel One, Kultube, Qure and Vitalizer MK2-T.

    Berend Intelmann
    Member and producer of German bands Paula

    "The Channel One sounds superb."

    Member and producer of German bands Paula (Label home-records/sonymusic) and Guther (Label morr-music). His solo album "berend" was released by home-records/sonymusic, too.

    Berend also participated in productions for Elke Brauweilers solo album (vocalist of the bands Paula and commercial breakup) und has published some remixes too, e. g. for the band "Pale".

    "Fotos" as well as the new album for Jens Friebe. Both releases will be published by Labels/EMI.

    "The Channel One sounds superb, I do each and every vocal recording with it. I also like the fast handling, I very much appreciate if a unit facilitates some operations – like the Channel One one-knob compressor for example.
    Of course the Channel One is perfectly suited to record a variety of intruments too. A very good example is recording e-guitars via Channel One and Transient Designer directly to the DAW. Sounds great!"

    Chris Marr
    Programmer and producer

    Producer of the DrumXchanger sample library

    Chris Marr produces sound libraries and his credits include Simon Phillips (Toto), Robert Palmer, Hartmut Pfannmueller (Skorpions/José Carreras), Kenny Aronoff (Melissa Etheridge), Dennis Chambers (Santana), Marco Minneman, Kenny Cartman, Yamaha, SPL, Clavia DMI, Steinberg, and Porsche.

    Chris also is the man behind the DrumXchanger sample library from SPL.

    SPL gear: Transpressor DynaMaxx, GoldMike, Transient Designer 4, RackPack, Frontliner, MTC, MixDream, Channel One.


    Dennis Chambers
    One of the world's most wanted drummers.

    SPL units: Transient Designer 4 and Channel One.

    He also participated at the first 5.1 drum sample recordings made with the ATMOS system. SPL's demo DVD "Surrounded By Drums" gives an impression of these fantastic surround drum recordings. The picture shows Dennis during the recordings in the Galaxy Studios in Belgium.

    Evert Jan Fraterman
    Drummer legend

    "My experience with the Channel One EQ was love at first sight, and it soon turned into true love when I became familiar with the compressor. Like a good friend, it helps even in worst cases with implicitness – until then I haven't heard a compressor combining such unobtrousive quality with disarming ease of use."

    Born in Arnhem, Netherlands, musical studies at the Conservatory Nürnberg.
    Officially approved music teacher, drum teacher since 25 years, also in workshops such as Erlangen/Jazzworkshop, Herford etc.
    Countless album recordings and international TV shows with many renowned artists like Jack Bruce (Cream), Nigel Kennedy, Dick Heckstall-Smith (Colosseum), John Etheridge (Soft Machine), Kevin Coyne, Albert Mangelsdorf, Rainer Brüninghaus. Evert also played many jazz festivals in Montreux, Bombay, Frankfurt as well as tours through Europe and Africa.
    He was a member of "Volker Kriegels Mild Maniac Orchestra" for eight years and won the 1982 artist of the year award of the German Phono Academy and repeatedly was nominated as the winner in German drummer polls.
    Two album productions with Eberhard Schoener for Sting and Andy Summers (Police) and concerts with musicians from Alan Parsons Project are completing his credits.
    Since 1990 he's on tour with his own band "The Fratermen" and since 2004 also with a new formation called "John Etheridge/Evert Fraterman Band".
    Evert also produces own compositions in his own studio, i. e. his own album "Spielerlaubnis" or the official German cultural contribution for the Olympic Games in Seoul (kunstdisco).

    Tim Humpe
    Guitarist, producer, recording & mixing engineer

    "I am an enthusiastic Qure fan from the very first moment I heard it."

    " During further productions more and more SPL units placed themselves in the center of our interest, especially the GoldMike preamps for drum recordings and the Channel One for vocals, bass and guitar.

    Nearly all SPL units are used permanently now ... here our "classics":
    QURE for guitars, bass, drum overheads
    TRANSIENT DESIGNER 4 for drums and guitars
    TUBE VITALIZER for acoustic guitars, loops or to refresh samples
    DE-ESSER no comment :-)
    KULTUBE for guitars, loops, drum samples

    SPL units are disarmingly simple to operate. They really improve the sound and can give a creative input. All instruments get what they need. Now, we are also touring with Channel One and DynaMaxx compressors."

    SPL units used by H-BLOCKX and the Principal Studios:

    Qure, Transient Designer 4 and 2, Tube Vitalizer, Channel One, GoldMike, DynaMaxx, SPL De-Esser, Charisma, Loudness Maximizer, Kultube.

    Howard Heckers, Soundproductions B.V.B.A.
    Roger Hodgson, the legendary co-founder of Supertramp, performs live with SPL

    "The Frontliner is AWESOME!"

    Howard Heckers

    Howard on the Frontliner: "The De-Esser is brilliant, and I can't tell you how much I like the tube saturation control: dial it in and the vocal comes toward you, it seems that it is not coming out of the PA. On the compressor - I almost have no words for it, smooth, nice and always does the job more than any other compressor I've heard!
    Also the EQ is very natural and friendly for Roger's vocals. Roger especially love's the Air Band.
    We all are very happy with our new toy! The Track One is now spare in the rack and I use it on Aaron's vocals (which also is a big improvement).
    I have attached some photos from Brussels where we have spend a few hours playing with our new toys."


    Kultube (stereo sum)
    Frontliner (vocals)
    Track One (vocals)
    2 x Transient Designer 4 (drums)
    2 x Dynamaxx (sax and bass guitars)

    "I rarely get excited by a company or their products – let alone philosophy. But I have to say again how special, unique and I believe visionary SPL is. Such great and different products!"

    Joey Brueck
    Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Keyboarder, Programmer

    Joey Brueck employs a Channel One

    Joey Brueck produces solo albums, is member of Howard Carpendale's tour band and member of the vocal band FAB 4 SOUL and he manages mbm music production which focuses on music for equestrian sports (dressage).

    Mel Gaynor
    One of the world's most wanted drummers.

    Mel uses Transient Designer 4 and Channel One.

    He also participated at the first 5.1 drum sample recordings made with the ATMOS System system. SPL's demo DVD "Surrounded By Drums" gives an impression of these fantastic surround drum recordings. The picture shows Dennis during the recordings in the Galaxy Studios in Belgium (see below).


    Ognyan Ivanov
    Fresh Records, Sofia/Bulgaria

    "Many thanks for your help in choosing the right SPL processors. They are just perfect!"

    SPL units: Channel One, Tube Vitalizer and a Transient Designer 4

    Peter Riese
    Composing, production, sound design, publishing house

    SPL-Products: GainStation1, Channel One, Transducer, Transient Designer 4, EQ Magix, Machine Head, Loudness Maximizer.

    Tone Department, Duesseldorf, Germany
    Composing, production, sound design, publishing house

    Credits/clients: BBDO, Grey, Jung v. Matt, Ogilvy & Mather u. a.
    Credits/products: Allianz, Deutsche Bank, VW, Nivea u. a.

    SPL-Products: GainStation1, Channel One, Transducer, Transient Designer 4, EQ Magix, Machine Head, Loudness Maximizer.

    Phil Kullmann
    Producer, remixer, programmer, musician, live artist

    "Actually each instrument is recorded with the Channel One."

    Phil Kullmann is producing RAW ARTISTIC SOUL (House, Afro, Latin, Lounge), TRUE KHOISAN (Roots Reggae, Dub, George Phiri alias Laygwan Sharkie), Edisney Portales Vega (Cuban World BEAT) Diverse Remixe (GOGO Music, EMI, Peppermint Jam, Cool Tempo (Samir, 3canal, Ralf GUM, CAN 7, ...)

    Phil uses four Channel One

    "I'm using my Channel One since a few years now. Vocals get exactly the presence I want to achieve. The Channel One is also very easy in use. The De-Esser works perfectly, I use it already during recording – all choir and lead vocals sound soft and round. The compressor is doing a stunningly musical job, and the tube sound is warm and fat. Horns for example are already so thick, you don't need further compression afterwards in most cases. The Channel One also shines with percussion – fat congas, crispy bongos. I also use the EQ during recording which eases the pain in mixing a lot. And if I do remixes, nearly every track goes through my SPLs again."


    Seeed from Berlin play reggae in all its variations from roots to dub and dancehall. Always on tour with at least eleven band members, each of their shows is an outstanding performance.

    SPL gear: Kultube, Vitalizer MK2-T, Transient Designer 4 and Transient Designer 2, Qure, six Channel One and two Track One.

    Our special thanks go to Seeed's incredible live mixer Olsen Involtini.

    Sir Larsie I
    Roots Reggae/Dub Producer

    "SPL products are easy and straight to use, a must for me in stressing studio sessions."

    "SPL products are easy and straight to use, a must for me in stressing studio sessions.
    I get excellent vocal and instrumental recordings with the Channel One.
    All my expectations in outboard gear are fulfilled completely by SPL products. Besides the wide variety of their processing solutions, their application-related individuality and remarkable sound characteristic is amazing. Especially in mastering, SPL products are a good example of my preferences in outboard gear – the „warmth“ of a Vitalizer MK2-T can not be emulated by any Plug-in I know.
    I have no experience in SPL’s service quality until yet, but that speaks for itself. „Damaged“ seems to be a unknown term at SPL :), but seriously the workmanship is solid and also contributes to the very positive optical appearance of SPL equipment.

    Big Ups 2: DJ Perch (Zion Train), Oli Dread (Dubfront), Benjahman (Tabernacle Ites), Steve Vibronic (Vibronics), Arno (Dubcreator), Bredda Neil & Alex (King Shiloh), Sander (Walboomers Rec. Amsterdam), Hitoshi Sakimoto, Alberto Rizzo Schettino, Russ D (Disciples), Lex (Fireball), MC Python, Janny (Lobster), Rankin Diddy, Pman (SJ Groover), Sister Ifua (Rootsman Culture), Paul (SPL), Gummi Gerd (Music Works), Wolfgang (Music Rebel), Florent, Matt (Unity Sound, N.Y.), Peter (LinPlug Virtual Instruments).

    Lars Brachmann aka Sir Larsie I

    aka Gudrun Mittermeier

    "Never before my voice sounded so full-bodied and soft"

    Somersault aka Gudrun Mittermeier: "When my engineer Hubertus Mohr tried the Channel One from SPL for the first time, it really has been a sudden insight. Never before my voice sounded so full-bodied and soft. Problems with sibilant sounds were simply eliminated! Now I use the Channel One at every live gig and for all my recording sessions."

    Stephan Zeh
    Engineer and Producer

    "What should I say – it simply does not work without SPL gear."

    Credits include No Angels, Bobby Kimball, Al Di Meola, Chris de Burgh, Ian Anderson, Phil Collins, Chris Thompson, Peter Maffay, Victor Bailey, Alessia d´Andrea, ...

    SPL units: Transient Designer 4, Channel One, Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T, and a Loudness Maximizer (discontinued).

    "I think the Transient Designer is a must-have in every production studio – my eight channels are used up each time and often I have to "print" channels to get channels free.

    The Channel One is a fix point for lead vocals and always grants impact. The De-Esser is absolutely fabelous, and I love the AIR band of the EQ section. SPL's "one-knob" soncept scores again ... results can be heard on the German version of the Disney production „Bärenbrüder“.

    The Vitalizer MK2-T works on each mix in a parallel stereo bus. With the typical SSL LB/RB I can select the signals and adjust precisely and how much processing is added. This gives me another dimension, both in positioning and frequency response. In mastering I like a bit of Vitalizer in the stereo sum.

    The Loudness Maximizer is my secret weapon for ... well, loudness. The three knobs of this unit give you more with higher quality than any plug-in on the planet. I've heard this unit for the first time at Abbey Road with Chris Blair, and it has been fascinating me from the first second."

    Syndicate Musicproduction, Munich/Germany

    SPL Equipment: Channel One, Charisma, MixDream

    Achim Kleist and Wolfgang von Webenau, from Syndicate Musicproduction, have written and produced (songs) for artists such as Brosis, No Angels, Lou Bega (Mambo No.5), DJ Bobo, Max Raabe, Worlds Apart, Right Said Fred, DJ Ötzi, and Cuban singer Compay Segundo from the Buena Vista Social Club.
    They have received over 60 gold and platinum awards for various productions and have had more than 70 Top 10 hits in the international charts.
    In the field of advertising their music is featured in TV and commercials with clients such as Toyota, BMW, Mac Donalds, Burger King or Langnese.
    Syndicate Songs can be found in many Hollywood blockbusters like Madagascar or Stuart Little as well as being featured in German Films like „der Wixxer“, „der Schuh des Manitu“ or „Bang Boom Bang“, to name just a few.

    "So what to do if your nearly 1000kg, 80-channel analog console is getting a sort of cumbersome touch when it is exclusively used as a 16-channel monitoring matrix? You switch to a 4kg/2U sized MixDream.
    Over the years, our production methods have moved towards a DAW based systems. Our big analog console was degraded to an insert box to keep the benefits from our analog outboard gear. However, it has never been a satisfying solution, as DAW desk and the console's monitoring could not be combined perfectly. So the console had to go, but the question was how to keep our analog treasures and their sound?
    With the MixDream we got a more than just satisfying solution. The high-grade technology delivers an outstanding audio quality. Despite it is a "one-knob" concept, the integrated limiter is incredibly efficient and provides additional loudness. Compared to other digital solutions, the stereo expansion is second to none. And last but not least: we can insert our analog equipment very easily through the inserts, while each unit also can be taken out of the signal path by the push of a button.
    Now we are looking forward to getting the Monitor & Talkback Controller MTC 2381 – together with the MixDream it is the DreamTeam for digital studios."

    Alex Theisen

    "SPL accompanies me since I started my professional career in audio engineering."

    Alex Theisen,

    "My first SPL product was the legendary SX-2. Today more than half of my outboard racks are filled with SPL products. Their quality, innovative features and not at least the outstanding support made SPL to be my first choice."

    SPL equipment: Channel One, DynaMaxx, Charisma 2, Transient Designer 2, Stereo Vitalizer (predecessor of the Vitalizer MK2) and Optimizer (predecessor of the QureEQ).


  • The preamp stage

    Provides three optimised inputs:


    • The microphone input features 48V phantom power, phase reverse function and a subsonic filter.
    • The low-impedance Line input has a precise balancing stage for connecting studio equipment.
    • The low-noise, high-impedance instrument input is easily accessible on the front panel.


    The renowned SPL De-Esser subtly yet effectively removes offending sibilants by reliably eliminating only the “S” frequencies with its unique phase-cancelling processing technology. Auto-Threshold ensures constant processing even with varying microphone distances. All you need do is to turn the knob until the sibilants are gone.


    Insert (Send/Return)

    The Insert (Send/Return) allows for insertion of external processors or can be used to record the pure preamplifier signal.



    This section is based on SPL’s Double-VCA-Drive® circuitry for outstanding noise and distortion characteristics. The compressor is extremely easy to use via a single knob. But the signal-dependent automation not only allows for set and forget operation, it also grants very muscial results in any situation. Actually it is much more difficult to destroy a recording with wrong compression settings.


    Noise Gate

    The noise gate operates flawlessly - reverbs are recognized and not cut off.


    Three band EQ

    The Channel One provides a new EQ design especially optimized to process vocals, acoustic and electronic imstruments. Low, Mid Hi, and Air-Bands allow for both corrective adjustments and/or effective sound designing processing. Gadget: a distortion control might be useful sometimes to apply for decent distortions to signals that deserve it.


    Headphone monitor stage

    Provides an individual mix for the singer/speaker - latency problems from digital systems are avoided.



    Optional equipment includes a 24/96 A/D converter and Lundahl I/O transformers.


  • Specifications


    Microphone input
    Frequency response 10 Hz-100 kHz
    (100 kHz = -3 dB)
    Common mode rejection (@ -20 dBu) 1 kHz:
    -80 dB / 10 kHz: -78 dB
    THD & N Gain: A-weighted
    20 dB -97.1 dBu
    40 dB -91.1 dBu
    65 dB -69.4 dBu
    Dynamic range 118 dB

    Line/Instrument input
    Frequency response 10 Hz-180 kHz
    (100 kHz = -3 dB)
    Common mode rejection (@ 0 dBu) 1 kHz:
    -80 dB / 10 kHz: -78 dB, Line input only
    Total harmonic distortion Gain (A-weighted):
    5 dB -99.4 dBu
    20 dB -97.2 dBu
    42 dB -79 dBu
    Input impedance Line: 20 kOhm / Instr.: 1 MOhm
    Max. input level Line: +22 dBu / Instr.: +14 dBu
    Dynamic range 119 dB

    Output data
    Max. output level XLR/jack +20 dBu
    Output impedance 50 Ohm


    Power supply
    Toroidal transformer 20 VA
    Fuses 315 mA (230 V/50 Hz)
    630 mA (115 V / 60 Hz)


    Standard EIA 19”/IHE 482 x 88 x 210 mm
    Weight 4.15 kg


    Wiring diagram






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