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 [SPL-VMK2S] Tube processor with a very classy sound  SPL Vitalizer MK2 Stereo

Vitalizer MK2 Stereo is and easy and intuitive handling processor ideally suited for re-mastering stereo sources. It features excellent signal-to-noise figures, soft and tight bass sound with bass compressor, mid, high, and harmonic processing, variable input level, stereo Expander, and hard bypass relais (power fail safety). Excellent for a balanced operation.  ... More Info
Retail: $919.99+IV
Costaq: $834.99+IV 

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 [SPL-VMK2TS] Tube processor with a very classy sound  SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Stereo

The MK2-T, model 9739, represents the tube version of the Stereo Vitalizer MK2, model 9526. The MK2-T employs 12 AX 7 LPS-tubes for the mid-hi processing and in the Stereo Expander circuitry, where the summed signal is processed. Coil filtering stages complement ideally the vintage tube sound characterisitcs. Great emphasis was laid on a harmonic tuning of the control parameters for high precision processings. The MK2-T fits into the range of Vitalizer products between the standard Stereo Vitalizer MK2 and the high-end mastering version, the Tube Vitalizer (model 9530).  ... More Info
Retail: $1,294.99+IV
Costaq: $1,179.99+IV 

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 [SPL-T] Analog Speaker- and Miking-Simulator  SPL Transducer

With the Transducer a dream comes true: you can play loud without being loud! The ultimate D. I. solution for guitar amps is the first full alternative to cabinet miking that really rocks. Via headphones you can play inaudible while the Transducer delivers authentic sounds even of the finest nuances of your guitar amp. Pure, high-quality analog design produces the same load like a cabinet and guarantees direct response with latency-free processing. You want to record your fully torqued tube amp in a hotel at night? You’ll stay. Everything goes in studio and home sessions, everwhere, everytime – and without a sound booth. On stage all problems with loud cabs and complex mikings are avoided. The artist can play with in-ear-monitoring at moderate levels, and a perfect signal in recording quality is provided for the live mix!  ... More Info
Retail: $1,454.99+IV
Costaq: $1,319.99+IV 

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 [SPL-TV] The Tube Vitalizer is the top-of-the-line in the Vitalizer family from SPL.  SPL Tube Vitalizer

To implement the Vitalizer program EQ in a technically optimal way, a combination of tube, coil, transistor and semiconductor technology was created which comprehensively exploits the advantages of the individual sound features of these components and which can be individually configured to best suit the task (RC or LC filter, tubes or semiconductor output stage). Compared with traditional equalizer designs, the Vitalizer combines virtuosic manipulations of the sound image with maximal efficiency. It meets the highest standards in every way in the professional sound studio and in mastering – both in single channel and subgroup processing as well as in refining summing signals. One of its most popular uses is in restoring old recordings – the Tube Vitalizer makes remastering a joy.  ... More Info
Retail: $2,684.99+IV
Costaq: $2,444.99+IV 

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 [IZ-ANRB] Noise Supression  Izotope ANR-B

iZotope's ANR-B intelligently detects and suppresses the invasive noise that plagues your recordings and broadcasts. By analyzing and identifying steady-state noise sources that interfere with the quality of your sound, ANR-B combats the noise while boosting the intelligibility of the desired audio signal.  ... More Info
Retail: $6,049.99+IV
Costaq: $5,499.99+IV 

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